A luxury book is a magnificent story beautifully told. The individual parts are vital – writing, editing, photography, illustration, design and printing – but it's only when they come together as one that brilliance is fully expressed. Discover how the magic happens. 

You may have a definite concept and deadline in mind for your luxury book. Still, it could be as yet undefined.

Maybe your company is celebrating a significant milestone. Perhaps you are launching a new product – or even a new company – and want the backstory explained. Or you may have designed a beautiful object that needs the gravitas of a luxury book to justify the purchase price.

Whatever your need or desire, a luxury book can help you achieve your goals. The publishing process works like this:


The path a luxury book travels always begins with you and the commission. The commission begins with an expression of interest that you can send here. You will receive a prompt reply with the suggestion of further discussion. Face to face is nice, but telephone or Skype can easily be accommodated. At this point the project and its requirements will be fully detailed.

Scope of work

The understanding of the commission will then be detailed in the scope of work, which will include the subject scope, book length (word count), photography (whether commissioned photographs and/or a studio are needed, and if travel is required), printing specifications (page count, size and shape, stock quality, and any special novelties you may wish to incorporate, like illustrations, leather binding, custom book cases, book marks or gold foiling), the print quantity (it could be one book or more than 10,000), and an agreed deadline. The scope of work will be sent to you without obligation for approval.


When the scope of work is agreed upon a formal quote will be delivered. It is at this stage that requirements in the scope of work can be adjusted to suit your budget.


Once the scope of work and quote are approved the project can begin. Interviews and research will be undertaken and the words will start to take shape, all while consulting with you to ensure the direction of the draft is correct.


Meanwhile, photography will commence to the brief contained within the scope of work. As the individual photographic projects are completed, samples will be sent to you for approval. Often, the person or organisation commissioning the book will have existing photography they wish to be included. This is encouraged and adds depth to the story, particularly if it incorporates an element of history.


Illustrations can be utilised to create drama and tell stories in new and different ways. They can be particularly effective to show the workings of elements, such as cut-away views. Of course, they can also be used to depict objects that don't yet exist. If illustrations are required they will be added to the scope of work. 


Editing and proofreading will be carefully undertaken. It is at this stage that photographic captions are written, contents page finalised and appendices added.

Graphic design

When the words and photographs have been approved the book design will begin, including the all-important cover. In most cases, especially if the book is to be sold, it will require an identifying code (ISBN). This will be organised on your behalf.


Once the book is completely to your liking, and hardcopy proofs approved, it will be sent to press. But before all of the books are printed, a print-quality proof will be carefully examined and then sent to you for final sign-off. Once approved the actual printing will then be conducted and your finished book delivered to you.

Get started

If you have further questions, or if you're ready to begin with your own luxury book, contact David Dowsey.