It's not all company histories and luxury products. Here's a sample of some passion projects on which David Dowsey is currently working.


The Long Blue Line

Movie poster proposal by Gavin van Langenberg

Movie poster proposal by Gavin van Langenberg

One of the most arid parts of the globe, it had not rained at Lake Eyre for nine years: until Donald Campbell arrived.

His 1964 World Land Speed Record attempt was a successful calamity; a nine-month ordeal plagued with problems, the result of unfortunate timing, avoidable mistakes and poor planning that tested a vast team of engineers, support staff, project managers, journalists, filmmakers, the South Australian Police and the Australian Army, to the limit.

At the heart of the narrative is Donald Campbell, a complicated character of significant bravery and proven achievement, yet he lived in the debilitating shadow of his more successful father, multiple record-breaker on land and water, Sir Malcolm Campbell.

On his final attempt at achieving the record Donald Campbell knew he faced the very real possibility of death as he stared down a crumbling salt flat. Yet, confronting financial ruin, a mutinous support crew, vicious media reports, a ticking clock and his cruel father’s apparition, Campbell climbed into his gas turbine-powered Bluebird CN7 and pointed it down the long blue line and into history.

The Long Blue Line is a gripping story of determination, bravery and the pioneering spirit of a bygone age.


The Tailoring Detective: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Book cover proposal by Gavin van Langenberg

Book cover proposal by Gavin van Langenberg

Discovered dead in a Melbourne laneway are two young sisters. Nearby a woman lays brutally murdered in her home. The dubious partner of a noted legal firm is discovered buried. His colleague lays under a burned-out car a short drive away.

Who is terrorising a community and murdering its apparently innocent citizens? The bodies are piling up but the ultimate revenge is only just beginning.

The prime suspect, a gambling-addicted man connected with all the victims, has fled to Buenos Aires with a married woman. But something is not adding up.

Meanwhile a magazine-run scam of a ‘rather sensitive nature’ is unearthed. What has it to do with the murders and why won’t the targets cash their refund cheques?

Enter Handel Lawson, Australia’s finest bespoke tailor and notorious ‘pants man’, and his most loyal client, Lincoln James, a dandy detective with a predilection for custom-made clothes and the inheritance to pay for them.

Over VSOP brandy and billiard frames they set out to solve the country’s most intriguing crimes in grand style. How does Handel Lawson crack the case? Don’t ask. Don’t tell.